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We have a “911” mentality in responding to your emergency, and being local we can be there quickly to minimize the damage and start saving time and money. Experienced in construction and restoration, Kevin is our team leader and is certified. More importantly, he cares about his community and the people who live in it.


  • Drieaz Revolution LGR
  • professional compact dehumidifier removes excess moisture - up to 23 gallons per day
  • auto pumpout and 40 ft. drain hose
  • control panel includes humidistat and displays inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity in real time


  • High volume air movers for fast drying
  • 3 speed, low amp draw
  • 3 position drying for floors, walls and ceilings
  • compact size for tight spaces


  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Fogger
  • for deodorizing and disinfecting and odor control


  • Protimeter MMS
  • Advanced Moisture Meter Measurement System
  • one handed operation
  • pin and pinless, relative humidity, temperature


  • Odorox Boss XL 3
  • provides heavy concentration of Hydroxyls for large areas affected by smoke, sewage contamination and toxic odors
  • safe to use in occupied areas (non toxic to humans, animals and plants)
  • all natural cleaning (mimics earth's atmospheric cleansing process and brings it indoors)
  • the most preferred and safest technology for air and surface purification
  • supplied with high volume air mover

All Equipment comes with free delivery, recommended set up and removal

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